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keep The essence

of your



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Our collection 


LOVE's essence 

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Emerging far beyond just the scent, all the qualities and subtle energies of the plant seem remain in tact through the process……

Precisely making the option to distill your bouquet so unique……firstly and obviously you cannot take them home, and they won’t last long.


A hydrosol concentrate allows you to take a little ‘love potion’ home for yourself, or to share with your important family and friends. Imagine your special people getting an ounce of your bouquet!


Marriage is very special Sacred Day, where the energies and blessings are at their height. Your bouquet and flowers are usually shared by your innermost circle only. They represent the community bond to be present, support and uplift your marriage. The flowers are with you during preparation, those last tears, whispers, hugs, and photos!

Vibrationally they are absorbing all this amazing energy. They are your silent witness throughout the night. A hydrosol concentrate captures the entire scent and essence your entire event. It does not last ‘forever’ it is a fresh scent!!

A beautiful way to celebrate that day constantly for months to come and to share with others.

We take special care and handling of your bouquet with our ‘Sacred Process’ to receive and handle every one separately and with reverent focus and consideration, until it returns to you in a bottle