A group of three dynamic entrepreneurs with cross experience in wedding planning, events, tourism, project development, marketing, photography, and hobby farming.


It all began through friendship and coming together through Conscious Sacred Ceremony to co-create a magical space at Puerto Raiz our home base.


Respecting the land, nature, elements, and of course the higher Spirit Realms.


We chose to come together for bigger things.


We chose to manifest a higher calling.


Within this growth and birthing we have sown sacred seeds, sacred fires, and sacred intentions with our every action.


Taking Sacred Ceremony as a base for our business practice as well. We have learned to be the silent observer, and to appreciate the most minute subtleties of the natural.


We all have chosen to live a life based on LOVE. We are Romantics!!


meet kim

I was raised in British Columbia, moving as an exchange student to Mexico in the early 1980s after graduation.

I began surfing and working with a Canadian tour operator throughout Mexico, before starting my own tourism company in Cabo in 1990.


Having a family inspired me to retire 20 years later, to stay at home parent, and co creating a hobby permaculture farm, dabbling in plant distillates, creating herbal blends and medicinal teas.

Emerging from parenthood is an exciting time to be bringing an entrepreneurial dream to life again……. And mostly at this time it is such a blessing to do so with total alignment and values, truly helping others make a very special moment, that much more ‘Santo’ Blessed